Ford SYNC 4 – Get the Smoothest Driving Experience in Okanagan with Advanced User Interface

Sep 27,2022

Ford SYNC 4 has made some revolutionary changes in its user interface to give it a sleeker look and feel. Right off the bat, you can see how the home screen has been revamped to feature large icons, making it easier to use. The standard touchscreen of SYNC 4 is 12 inches long, giving drivers ample room to swipe across the screen. Should the drivers want to multitask, they can do so using the split-screen feature. The intuitive design of Ford SYNC 4 allows the most used applications to be shown on the home screen, along with some extra widgets to help you. Some of these include maps, navigation systems, phone calls, climate control, and more. Ford SYNC 4 also features a new technology known as Phone As A Key (PAAK). With this feature, the interface will connect automatically to your smartphones either from a USB-C cable or even a wireless connection. The navigation system has been given a retouch, giving you a 3D viewing feature. This makes it easier to see different points of interest and landmarks. Ford owners can even opt for 15-inch touchscreens with extra features. One of the features is the Adaptive Dash Cards, an application that provides real-time information about the vehicle like its performance data, directions, and even the song you are currently playing. The Ford SYNC 4 also has OTA (over-the-air) updates, ensuring that your vehicle is never outdated for even a second. Contact us to learn more about Ford SYNC 4’s updated user interface.