Ford SYNC 4 Hands-Free Calling and Voice Texting

Aug 29,2022

If you have ever experienced a situation where you are driving and trying to send a text message, you can relate to its inconvenience. Before SYNC 4, drivers had to monitor their phones, use their fingers to type out the message or email they needed to send, and then press "send." Ford customers have new ways to stay in touch using just their voice. Voice texting and hands-free calling are two of the most popular features of Ford SYNC 4. You can use voice text messaging to send a text message by speaking into the microphone on your smartphone or by pressing one button on the steering wheel. The voice recognition technology in Ford SYNC 4 allows you to use voice commands to make or receive calls from your smartphone without having to take them out of your pocket or purse. You can send text messages by talking to your car's infotainment system - no need to take your eyes off the road or touch the screen. For example, say "text my wife" and then dictate your message. The system will read back what you said so you could verify it's correct before sending it on its way. You can also ask questions like "What's my next appointment?" or "Where are we going?" If you have any questions or concerns regarding the feature, contact the Ford dealership in Penticton.