Ford SYNC 4: How Does It Work?

Aug 30,2022

For those who don't know about Ford SYNC 4, it is basically a cloud-connected entertainment and communication system present in select Ford vehicles, such as 2021 F-150, 2021 Mustang Mach-E, 2021 Edge, and 2021 Bronco. In contrast to older SYNC iterations, the latest version relies more heavily on a remote internet connectivity. Similar to the apps on your mobile, the SYNC 4 also connects to the cloud to offer updates and stream media in real-time. In practice, this means the vehicles in-built navigation can even give suggestions regarding where to charge your Ford vehicle and will also adjust routes to save you from traffic. In addition, the voice recognition ability of the SYNC 4 is more natural, enabling you to easily stream music without compromising safety. The system also remembers your most preferred routes for a seamless commute. SYNC 4 is also compatible with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, making it super simple for drivers to connect their smartphones and use applications through the dashboard display. In Ford vehicles with larger display screens, a split-screen feature can enable two functions to be displayed side-by-side. Feel free to drop by at our dealerships in Okanagan to witness all that the latest and greatest Ford SYNC 4 system has to offer!