Ford SYNC 4: Intelligent Machine Learning Capability

August 16,2022

Ford's latest generation of communication & entertainment system, SYNC 4 uses intelligent machine learning to deliver unmatched driving experience. With SYNC 4, vehicle owners enjoy varying touchscreen displays (available in 8-inch and 15.5-inch screens) which can be used for infotainment, navigation, and communications purposes. The smart system of this cutting-edge technology by Ford enables it to learn the unique preferences of every driver and stores that invaluable information with its available machine learning capability. The feature provides drivers with valuable suggestion, such as prompting towards your most-visited charging station in the area or that awesome Asian eatery you visited some months ago. There are several more choices to start with, owing to the SYNC 4 smart data storage ability. Ford SYNC 4 technology can enhance the overall driving experience of drivers while keeping them connected to the places and people that matter to them most - as well as to the apps they most frequently use. Nevertheless, it's worth mentioning that the SYNC 4 communication and entertainment system is available only on select Ford cars, including the 2021 F-150, 2021 Mustang Mach-E, and the 2021 Bronco. Feel free to drop by at our dealerships in BC and Penticton to test-drive your dream Ford vehicle powered by the incredible features of the SYNC 4 system.