Ford SYNC 4 Lets You Customize Your Home Screen

September 1,2022

Customizable home screen - Ford's latest version of SYNC 4 lets customers customize their home screens by choosing which apps appear there and where they appear on the screen. The updated software also allows drivers to choose between a light or dark background color scheme for their dashboards. The automaker claims this makes it easier for drivers to see information at night while keeping interior lighting levels low enough not to distract them from driving at night or in bad weather conditions like foggy streets or rain storms. You can also add up to five shortcuts to your home screen. For example, you could have a shortcut for your favorite contacts, another one for navigation, and another one for music streaming. The interface is easy to use and has responsive buttons that make it easy to select options on the screen. The home screen is the main screen of your Ford SYNC 4 system. You can customize it by adding and removing the icons that appear there, and you can move the order of the icons from left to right. To customize your home screen: • Press and hold on to any icon for 2 seconds until they all start to wiggle. • Tap and drag an icon to move it. When moving an icon, a small bar will appear at the top of the screen, showing you how far you're moving it. • Tap on a space to place a new icon in that location. Contact your nearest Ford dealership to learn more about this option.