Ford SYNC 4 – Maximum Focus on Driver Experience in Kelowna

September 8,2022

The Ford SYNC 4 is set to give every Ford driver the time of their lives whenever they take their vehicle out for a drive. It is, to date, the most advanced system customizable for every Ford owner. Combining the best features of SYNC 3 and SYNC AppleLink, Ford SYNC 4 throws in some nifty tricks of its own to make sure Ford drivers always have a memorable experience. Perhaps the most apparent innovation in Ford SYNC 4 is integrating a touchscreen system into the whole interface. This exponentially smoothens the whole experience. Moreover, every Ford driver can customize settings according to their own mood. Furthermore, because of cloud computing, SYNC 4 will also connect you to the internet and give you personalized content based on where you are and the time of the day. It can also give you suggestions based on where you frequently go to. To make it even more personalized for Ford drivers, a combination of different voice recognition features like Ford+Alexa will prove extremely useful in getting advice and recommendations. Ford drivers will be able to find any point of interest easily, like gas stations and real-time weather forecasts. The best part is that SYNC 4’s flexibility allows it to be compatible with all drivers. The over-the-air updates can be used to upgrade your system as new features and services become available, allowing drivers to set the experience exactly as they want to have. Contact us to learn more about how Ford SYNC 4 can be personalized for every Ford owner.