Ford SYNC 4: Multiple Driver Profiles

Sep 19,2022

Ford SYNC 4 is already one of the most advanced infotainment systems on the market, but it is about to get even better. The automaker has rolled out a free update for the system, including multiple driver profiles and enhanced voice recognition capabilities. Multiple drivers can now have their own personalized presets for music, navigation, and more, including their favorite radio stations and destinations. Drivers can also choose whether they want to see notifications from their smartphones or not when using multiple driver profiles. With the new SYNC 4 system, you can add up to eight profiles and choose which profile you'd like to use. This is great if you have multiple drivers in your household or a passenger who would like to use the navigation system. Only the current profile owner can access certain features and menus when multiple driver profiles are active. The owner can add or remove profiles and change settings on each profile using the "Profile" button on the steering wheel to switch between profiles. This means you can set up different preferences for each driver in your household — including personal settings like radio stations, Spotify playlists, and more — so no one is stuck listening to music they hate. This feature will make life easier for everyone involved if you have more than one person who drives your car. Contact Skaha Ford for more information about how to receive this update for your vehicle.