Ford SYNC 4: Natural Voice Control in West Bench

September 11,2022

The Ford SYNC 4 system is the latest generation of Ford’s voice-activated in-car infotainment system. SYNC 4 takes hands-free mobile technology to the next level. It combines voice recognition, speech-to-text and text-to-speech technology to allow you to control your car using just your voice.
The system uses natural language processing to understand what you are saying, so you do not have to use specific phrases or keywords. It is also smart enough to learn the way you speak and adapt over time, so it gets better at understanding you as time goes by. With natural voice control, you can tell your Ford what to do — no more fumbling with buttons.
In the past, you might have had trouble controlling your phone while driving because you had to talk into your phone in a specific way. With natural voice control, Ford’s new technology lets you use natural language commands like “Call Mom” or “Play _____ in Spotify.” It is easier than ever to get things done while on the road. Whether you are making a phone call, listening to music or dictating a text message, the system will listen for context and respond accordingly. It makes the process of using your SYNC system more enjoyable, which is always a welcome element. For any other information regarding the natural voice control feature, contact Skaha Ford.

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