Ford SYNC 4: Power-Up Software for Maximum Ease

September 3,2022

Ford's SYNC 4 communication and entertainment system brings new levels of voice recognition, connectivity, and no cords to make life on-the-go as easy as possible. But that's not all what the SYNC 4 system offers. Apart from breakthroughs in the entertainment and communications areas, the SYNC 4 also comes with a Power-Up software that ensure your vehicle has the latest software and feature updates. The updates are performed wirelessly and impact much more than just your touchscreen software. Here are some of the improvements covered by the Power-Up software: • SYNC & features updates • System fixes • Security enhancements According to the automakers, nearly every electronic control unit of your Ford vehicle will be connected to the system - meaning future models will potentially have things, such as brake-by-wire programming or electronic steering control adjustments through an over-the-air update. To get started with wireless software updates, the vehicle owner will have to connect their car to an external Wi-Fi while ensuing the “Automatic Updates” option is switched on. Next, simply schedule recurring updates to make sure the vehicle is on top of everything. Lastly, take not that the Power-Up software is available only in select Ford vehicles including 2021 F-150, 2021 Mustang Mach-E, 2021 Edge, and 2021 Bronco. Feel free to drop by at our dealerships in BC and Penticton to learn more about the fantastic features of Ford's SYNC 4 system!