Ford SYNC 4: SiriusXM Satellite Radio

September 16,2022

Ford is adding a new feature to SYNC 4 that will make it easier than ever to listen to SiriusXM Satellite Radio. Now, customers can press the preset button on the steering wheel and select their favorite station. With a subscription to SiriusXM Satellite Radio, SYNC 4 users can listen to more than 150 channels of news, sports, talk, entertainment, and music, all commercial-free. Once you have selected a channel, you can use voice commands to change stations or adjust the volume; each command is followed by "SiriusXM." To get started using SiriusXM in your new Ford vehicle, download the SiriusXM Mobile app to your compatible smartphone. You must create an account and input your vehicle information, including your VIN and current odometer reading. Then, tune to the station of your choice using SYNC's touchscreen interface or voice commands. The SiriusXM interface allows you to access the SiriusXM app on your phone via the car's touchscreen display, and it includes some features you might expect from a satellite radio service. You can browse stations by genre or artist name while listening to music or watching TV shows and movies through the app. While the SiriusXM radio feature continues to evolve, Ford and SiriusXM are working hard to make a version that is more user-friendly than the first version of its infotainment system. For any detail, please contact the Skaha Ford dealership.