Ford SYNC 4: Tile-Based Swiping Takes the Place of Hard Buttons

September 7,2022

The Ford SYNC 4 might seem like an ordinary infotainment system, but it's not. This is because it comes with a tile-based user interface offering a different way to interact with the device. The whole menuing scheme has been redone to avoid clutter and make things easier for the driver to find. The user interface allows you to swipe tiles in one of the four directions revealing additional features for each tile. The new system also offers a simpler layout, with bigger icons and fewer distractions. The home screen can be customized to include your most frequently used apps or information, such as the status of your car or messages from other drivers. The system's main screen has four sections: the navigation bar on top, the media player, phone, and climate control on the bottom. You can tap on any of these sections to view additional options. In addition to these main sections, two more panes slide out from the left side of the screen - one for music and one for voice commands. The more seamless integration with a vehicle's existing electronics, like dialing phones or seeing parking info, means that the SYNC 4 will be a multifunctional device. Contact our Ford dealership today to learn more about this tile-based swiping feature.