Ford SYNC 4 Uses More Swiping Gestures

August 16,2022

The new Ford SYNC 4 infotainment system has a lot to love. It has a great interface and plenty of cool features, such as integrated third-party apps and being able to find parking, but the new feature is the ability to swipe and pinch while using it. SYNC 4 uses a dual-screen layout that allows users to swipe left or right between different screens on the same display. For example, if you are listening to music but need to check your phone for directions, you can swipe over to the phone screen and then back again when you are done. Ford also added swiping gestures into its navigation options, which makes it easier for users to enter destinations while driving. You can now swipe up on the main home screen instead of having to press down on an icon and wait for an animation sequence before getting started with voice commands. This upgrade makes it easier to jump between different screens without having to poke through menus or scroll through lists of options. You can perform pretty much every function of the infotainment screen via touch or gesture, which considerably speeds up the process of finding the app you need. Contact the Ford dealership in Newfoundland for more information and queries about this feature.