Ford SYNC 4: Waze Integration and Traffic Alerts

September 18,2022

The latest version of Ford's SYNC infotainment system offers many new features. The most significant addition is an integration with Waze, which should make it easier for drivers to get around town. The Waze app will be accessible through the touchscreen display or voice command. Drivers can also use the app to get directions right from the dashboard — instead of having to pull over and fire up their phones. The system will automatically notify drivers of accidents or traffic jams along their route so they can avoid them if needed. For example, if an accident ahead could cause delays, SYNC 4 will warn you as soon as you get close enough for it to be dangerous. You will also get alerts about road closures. Traffic alerts to its traffic-based routing feature were previously limited to real-time information. Alerts will now pop up whenever an incident is ahead, so drivers can make alternate routing decisions if necessary. This feature is another welcome addition to the driving experience. You may never have a problem with heavy traffic, but knowing it ahead of time can allow you time to plan alternate routes or leave early if necessary. This new feature should help you out when fighting noisy traffic is your struggle daily. If you have any queries or concerns, contact Skaha Ford for further assistance.