Ford SYNC 4 Wireless Add-On Upgrade Feature

August 19,2022

Ford's SYNC system is one of the most popular in-car entertainment and communication systems. The cool thing about SYNC 4 is that it does not require a dedicated wire for its communication interface. Everything you need to do can be done wirelessly. Ford recently launched a new wireless upgrade feature for the SYNC 4 infotainment system. The Ford SYNC 4 upgrade is a plug-and-play unit that mounts at the top of your dash and effectively turns your older car into a connected car. Ford SYNC 4 uses over-the-air (OTA) technology to remotely update your car's software. This means that when an update is available, you must connect your phone to Ford's Mobile app and follow the instructions onscreen. The process takes just a few minutes - as long as it takes to get through security checks and download the new software onto your phone - and then it will automatically upload the update when you turn on your car or truck later that day or within 24 hours. Ford SYNC 4 is a software upgrade available for your Ford vehicle. It is an important part of the new SYNC 4 system, which offers improvements over the previous generation of Ford SYNC technology. Contact the Ford dealership in Kelowna today to learn more about the upgrades Ford SYNC 4 offers.