FordPass App – Fuel Finder

September 10,2022

FordPass is an app for Ford vehicles that lets you see where your car is parked, lock it remotely, check its fuel level, and more. It also includes a feature that enables you to find the nearest gas station. The fuel finder feature uses your location to identify the closest fuel station based on your vehicle's make and model. The app displays all nearby stations in a list with their distance from where you are and pulls up the closest one, shows its address and distance and lets you know how much fuel it has. If there is more than one gas station within a mile, you can choose which one to visit. Once you have selected one of the stations on your list, FordPass will show you its address and phone number so that you can call them directly from your phone to confirm they have the fuel that meets your needs. It uses GPS to track your location and then looks up gas stations along your route. The Fuel Finder feature of FordPass is designed to help you save on fuel by locating nearby discounts, promotions, and special offers at nearby gas stations. You can also use Fuel Finder to track the cost of your vehicle's current fuel economy, which can help you make smarter decisions about when and where to fuel up. For more information, reach out to Skaha Ford.