FordPass App – Secure Payments on the Go

September 16,2022

FordPass is a comprehensive customer experience platform that connects you with your Ford vehicle. From the moment you purchase your car and drive it off the lot, to years later when you are ready to trade in, FordPass is there every step of the way – whether with a remote start or even quick roadside assistance. The new FordPass app allows customers to request roadside assistance with just a few clicks on their phone. Using GPS technology, customers can contact roadside assistance and be connected with the nearest available service agent. The app also provides customers with the location of their vehicle and the route they took to get there. The app's Roadside Assistance feature can provide tow truck or flat tire assistance within 15 minutes of calling. If you live in an area with a Ford-authorized dealership within 5 miles of your location, they will even send a technician to fix your problem — all while saving you time and money. For instance, in an accident, you can choose to have a tow truck come to your location or be directed to a nearby dealership. You can also contact someone who has been involved in an accident at the same time as you, using the My SOS feature on FordPass. For any queries and concerns, contact the experts at Skaha Ford today.