FordPass App – Service and Maintenance

Sep 20,2022

FordPass is an app that allows you to access your vehicle. It also gives you access to some services and features. One of the most valuable features of the FordPass app is the ability to set up and schedule service appointments for your vehicle. This can be done through the FordPass website or app, depending on your preferred method of communication. The website or app will ask you for basic information about your vehicle, such as when it was purchased and what color it is. From there, FordPass will search local dealerships for salespeople who work on your vehicle's brand and model. If a dealership has a salesperson available, you can select that person from the list and schedule an appointment with them directly through their email address or phone number. The following are some of the features offered by the Service & Maintenance section: Service Scheduling – This feature allows users to schedule service appointments with their dealer or qualified repair shop with just one click. You can choose from scheduled maintenance, tire rotation, or an oil change based on your driving habits and the type of vehicle you own. This feature also lets you customize your preferred time slot for an appointment so that your car gets serviced at the most convenient time. Service History – This feature allows users to view detailed information about past repairs performed on their vehicle, such as parts replaced, mileage at which services were performed, and so on. This feature helps users keep track of all required maintenance tasks. For queries and concerns, contact the Skaha Ford dealership.