FordPass App – Vehicle Health Alerts

September 18,2022

Vehicle health alerts are a great way to know if something is wrong with your Ford vehicle before it becomes a problem. These alerts may be sent to you via the FordPass app or through an email or text message. It is essential to check your vehicle regularly for any signs of trouble and also use these alerts to keep your Ford vehicle healthy. Some common issues that may be flagged include low tire pressure, an engine oil change, and a check engine light. You can also set up certain notifications for when specific maintenance needs are due based on mileage or time of year, so you know when something needs attention without remembering. The vehicle health alert feature uses machine learning technology to determine when a vehicle needs servicing or repair based on its driving patterns and other factors like tire pressure and battery charge level. The algorithm analyzes data from each vehicle and data collected from millions of other cars, so it knows what normal behavior looks like for each make and model. Once the algorithm detects a problem or potential problem, it sends an alert to your FordPass account so you can take action immediately without having to worry about missing anything important. By providing new and valuable features that are easy to understand and operate, Ford ensures its customers can always rely on them as and when needed. If you have any questions, contact Skaha Ford.