FordPass EV: Use Your Phone as a Key

August 24,2022

Ford Motor Company is rolling out a new feature that lets people lock or unlock their cars with their phones. This service is called FordPass app for EVs, and it is available on some models of the new Ford Focus Electric and the 2020 Ford Ranger. The service works by connecting to your car using your phone's Wi-Fi hotspot, which allows you to lock or unlock your vehicle anytime remotely you are within 100 feet. So when you are ready to leave, use the FordPass app on your phone to remotely lock or unlock your vehicle. This can be especially useful if you are worried about leaving valuables behind in your vehicle - as long as your phone is on you, you can rest assured that no one else can get inside your car without permission. Moreover, if you are driving somewhere unfamiliar and need someone else to drive your car back home for some reason, this feature could come in handy. This is great for rideshare services, carpooling, and other scenarios where you drive multiple people in your battery electric vehicle. This is something that other manufacturers will follow suit with, especially as ridesharing companies move more towards battery electric vehicles. Get in touch with Skaha Ford for more of these innovations to continue coming out with increasing frequency.