FordPass Gives Vehicle Health Reports for Your EV

Sep 5,2022

If you are a current or potential owner of the Ford EV, you are probably on the lookout for any feature that will improve your EV driving experience. Thankfully, Ford Motor Company is expanding its FordPass technology suite with the addition of vehicle health alerts, giving customers advanced capabilities for real-time vehicle information and projected operating range. This technology was designed to help electric car owners better understand the condition of their batteries. The feature can be accessed from the FordPass app or the vehicle's touchscreen display. It provides battery temperature, estimated range, charge status, and more information. Users can also set alerts for when they need to service their vehicle. With the vehicle health reports feature, drivers can receive notifications about potential problems with their Ford EV. This can help them stay on top of maintenance and take action before something more serious happens. Moreover, owners can also set up automatic notifications when there is an issue with one of these items - for example if the battery falls below a certain level or the tire pressure drops too low. This way, when you see an alert on your screen, you will know exactly what needs your attention so you can take care of it as soon as possible. Reach out to Skaha Ford to learn more about this technological advancement in Ford EVs.