FordPass Has a Calendar Sync Feature for EV Owners

August 26,2022

Ford is working to make EV ownership even more seamless with a new Calendar Sync feature on FordPass. This feature allows EV owners to use the free FordPass app to sync their EV's charging schedule directly with the company's navigation system. The new functionality will allow EV owners to schedule charging times through their phones and have their EVs automatically start charging when they get home after work. The calendar sync feature allows users to select a time and date for their next charge. After selecting this information, FordPass will automatically set the charging time and send a notification when it's time to plug in. It is a handy way to plan the next time you need to plug in. And if you have multiple cars, you can add them all at once and set reminders for each vehicle. The feature also allows you to edit or delete events in your FordPass calendar and see all of your appointments on one screen. Drivers can automatically add and update calendar appointments with driving times and destinations, so it is easy to plan their next car trip within the FordPass app. To understand the calendar sync feature better, contact the Skaha Ford team today and let them assist you in the best way.