FordPass Lets You Schedule Dealer Appointments

August 27,2022

FordPass has rolled out the scheduled service for owners of EVs. This means that you can now schedule a service appointment directly from your FordPass app. When your vehicle is due for a service visit, tap the Schedule button on the FordPass app. After your reservation is complete, you will receive a confirmation message informing you that your vehicle is set up for its next visit. With this feature for EV, you can schedule your next visit to the dealership before knowing the problem. You can also check on your appointment status and see if any open times are available. The feature is intended to help save time by allowing users to schedule service appointments before they need them. The new feature for EV works by accessing your vehicle's diagnostics information through the OBD II port, which provides access to various sensors that monitor engine performance and other internal functions. It then uses this data to estimate when maintenance should be performed based on typical driving patterns. If you agree with the estimate, you can schedule an appointment using the app or in advance. This will ensure that none of your service appointment is missed or delayed. You can reach out to the Skaha Ford team for further assistance understanding this feature.