FordPass’ Preconditioning Feature Helps You with Heat and AC Commands

August 28,2022

Ford is one of the world's most popular and largest automotive brands. This means it also has a huge responsibility to its customers to provide safe and stable vehicles. To do so, they have developed various features that work together to enhance safety and comfort, such as FordPass's Preconditioning feature for EVs. This latest innovation for the FordPass concerns how the AC and heat preconditioning works. This is one of many technological advancements on the FordPass. This feature runs the AC or heater for a limited time to bring the vehicle's interior to a comfortable temperature before the driver starts their drive. The time it takes to precondition the car depends on several factors, such as how warm or cold it is outside, how long it has been since you last used your car, and how far you typically drive. To use the preconditioning feature, download the FordPass app on your smartphone, connect it to your vehicle's Wi-Fi network, and enter the Vehicle ID or VIN for your specific vehicle model. Once you have completed these steps, you are ready to send commands. This feature is designed to help prevent drivers from being uncomfortable when getting into a cold car on a hot day or vice versa. To understand more about how this feature works, contact us at Skaha Ford for assistance.