FordPass Rewards – Save up Your Maintenance Costs with Complimentary Maintenance in BC

September 12,2022

With the FordPass App, Ford owners can enjoy complimentary maintenance on their vehicle. Plus, with the FordPass Rewards program, owners can earn points for every dollar they spend on maintenance, which can be redeemed for discounts on future service visits or even new Ford vehicles. Ford owners also earn points when they refer friends and family to the FordPass App and can use those points to get discounts on future service visits or even new Ford vehicles. Once they have accumulated enough points, you can avail yourself of the FordPass Rewards Complimentary Maintenance program. This includes scheduled tire rotations, oil changes, tire rotations, and many more. On top of it all, the FordPass App doesn't charge any monthly or annual membership fees. Since it is free, you can sign up any time you want. Depending on the points you have earned, you would be eligible for three levels of service.The Basic Level requires you to have at least 2,500 points. In the level, you are eligible for one complimentary tire rotation and oil change. Next is the Intermediate Level, which has a requirement of 5,000 points. The Intermediate Level allows you to get two complimentary tire rotations and oil changes. The last is the Advanced Level which gives you three complimentary tire rotations and oil changes. Since this is the highest tier, it requires Ford owners to have at least 7,500 points. Contact us to learn more about getting complimentary maintenance using the FordPass App Rewards Program.