Fuel Injection System Service in Penticton

May 25,2022

As BC commercial operators strive to lower emissions and improve fuel efficiency, proper fuel injection system maintenance is essential for optimal fleet performance. If your medium-duty trucks are struggling with engine misfires and rough idling, schedule a service appointment with our experts at Skaha Ford. Fuel injection systems deliver gasoline or diesel to the cylinders of an engine. As a result, the timing and amount of fuel must always be precise and controlled throughout the injection process. Over time, injectors become clogged with dirt and rust, and intake valves, combustion chambers and pistons collect carbon deposits. When particles accumulate, it creates a loss in performance, reduced fuel economy and an uneven idle.  A fuel injection service dissolves these deposits and restores proper fuel flow into the combustion chamber, resulting in improved economy, cleaner emissions and engine responsiveness for your Ford. This maintenance service is ideal every 40,000 km, or according to the interval in your Owner's Guide. Don't let your medium-duty commercial trucks become captive to their fuel injection systems. Enjoy reliable, strong performance by servicing your fleet at Skaha Ford in BC. Contact us today to book an appointment.