Fuel Saving Medium-Duty Truck Maintenance Tips in Summerland

May 25,2022

One of the best defences against rising fuel costs is regular maintenance. If your medium-duty truck is returning poor economy or your fleet is crippled with expensive trips to the pumps, schedule your commercial vehicle for service at Skaha Ford in BC. Here are three fuel-saving medium-duty truck maintenance tips to help you achieve optimal efficiency from your F-650 or F-750: Climate Control: Using the air conditioning compressor accounts for nearly half of your rig's engine cooling fan operating time. If the compressor is not delivering peak performance, more engine power will be required to run the climate control system, which increases fuel consumption. Tire Inflation: Underinflated tires have a negative impact on your truck's economy. Ensuring your F-650 or F-750 tires are appropriately inflated with the correct PSI will significantly improve efficiency and safety. Lubricants: Engine, transmission and axle fluids with the proper viscosity support better fuel economy. Using lubricants with disproportionate thickness increase the amount of energy required to pump oil through the lubricating system, resulting in internal viscous friction loss and poor efficiency. Good fuel economy starts and ends with regular maintenance. Discover relief at the pumps this spring by booking your medium-duty commercial fleet for service with our experts at Skaha Ford in BC.