How Can BC Drivers Take Advantage of Their Vehicle’s Roof Rack?

May 25,2022

SUVs, trucks, and cars with roof racks can accommodate larger items, such as canoes or kayaks, without damaging the top.

These systems typically have three components. The towers support the rails, while the mounts attach the main portion to the vehicle. The structure can usually hold between 60 and 75 kg. 

A roof rack may be more useful than you might think.

A capable system can enhance passenger comfort because you can haul bulky items on top rather than taking up space inside the vehicle. If you carry cargo often, a roof rack can permanently increase your car’s overall capacity. 

A rail system can also bring indirect benefits. Carrying dusty or dirty equipment on top of the vehicle will ensure that the cabin remains clean and passengers get to enjoy better air quality during their rides. 

Contact our BC, Canada dealership to see which of our new Fords offers a roof rack and to inquire about parts availability and installation.

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