How to Extend the Life of your Car Battery in BC, Canada

May 25,2022

Your car battery is a crucial component of your vehicle. Though the average unit lasts between two and five years, you can extend the life and ensure proper performance by taking a few simple steps. Don't Let Your Car Sit for Too Long The battery on a vehicle charges while you drive. If your car sits idle, the unit will eventually drain and require a jump start. Therefore, if you have multiple autos, be sure to alternate them to avoid this issue.  Keep your Battery Connections Tight Loose terminals make it easier for the battery to vibrate, which can cause a short circuit and damage the unit. Ensure proper mounting and check the connections after traveling off-road or on a bumpy surface.  Test your Battery Regularly You can invest in a car battery tester to assess the output voltage. Alternatively, when you come to a service centre for maintenance, you can ask your technician to perform an assessment. They can tell you if it is time for a replacement.  If you suspect that you have battery issues, contact our BC, Canada service centre to schedule an appointment today.