How to Keep Your Car in Good Shape This Winter in Hedley

December 6,2022

You are not the only one dreading winter. Your car feels the same! When the snow starts falling, your car needs to be in top shape to get you through the season. Here are some tips to keep your car running well this winter:
Inspect your tires: Ensure all your tires have enough tread and are correctly inflated. If they have worn down too much or been underinflated, you could end up getting stuck in a snowbank or, worse, skidding out on a slick road.
Get an oil change: Check your owner’s manual for recommended intervals; if you have never had one done before, consider scheduling one now. As the temperatures drop and there is less demand on your engine, it will stay cleaner and last longer too.
Keep your coolant clean and filled: A dirty radiator can cause overheating problems when temperatures get chilly during winter months, so make sure that you are changing out the coolant every couple of years at least – more often if it has been neglected for a while or if you live near salt-covered roads during winter months if so, consider adding an antifreeze.
Check for leaks regularly: Do this especially around tires and hoses, because these areas tend to be vulnerable to freeze-ups and cracks. If you see a leak, ask your mechanic to repair it before winter sets in.
Contact us at Skaha Ford for more details about keeping your car running well.

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