How to Maintain the Air Filter: Tips for BC Drivers

May 25,2022

While cabin air filters tend to be changed regularly when you go in for routine maintenance, engine air filters can sometimes be overlooked. However, it is very important to swap old ones out for new models periodically. Recommendations may vary, but most Ford vehicles need this component change approximately every 30,000 miles. This may be less if you typically drive in extreme conditions or on dirt roads. Always remember to check in your owner's manual for specific details pertaining to your automobile. If the engine air filter is clogged, it can result in poor acceleration, decreased throttle response, and premature wear/tear on the motor itself. The following signs could be indicators that it's ready to be replaced: Difficulty when idling Strange sounds Black smoke coming from the exhaust The check engine light is on The filter looks dirty or has black spots To inspect this mechanism yourself, you can pop the hood and locate the air filter housing assembly. Open it by either removing the screws or releasing the latch. A good filter will be white. off-white, red, or yellow. The dirtier it is; the darker becomes. Need a replacement engine air filter? Contact Ford Parts BC today to find the right piece for your vehicle!