How to Maintain the Floors and Mats Inside a Ford Vehicle in BC

May 25,2022

No matter where you live in BC, the part of any vehicle to get dirty the fastest is the floor. Designed to be the base that holds everything in place - including our dirty shoes - the floor is surprisingly easy to keep clean, especially if you have a set of protective mats. Typically crafted from carpet or rubber, floor mats can be removed in a matter of seconds. Winter or all-season styles are made of heavy-duty rubber that prevents water, mud, and salt from damaging the material underneath. These are the easiest to clean since they can be hosed off. Carpet-style mats should be shaken, vacuumed, and washed as needed. Both should be allowed to dry completely before you put them back inside. If you have to deal with a stain, don't fret! The process is quite simple, but it does take a bit of time to finish. First, vacuum the area thoroughly before applying a foam cleaner to the stained area. You can use a brush or wet sponge to agitate the solution to break up the stain. Once it has dried, vacuum it again. Need new floor mats? Contact Ford Part BC today to begin your online order!