How to Prepare Your Ford Vehicle for the BC Winter Months

May 25,2022

When it comes to preparing a vehicle for winter, there are several steps you should take in terms of maintenance. First, you should have a protection plan in place if you do not have a garage or carport. A vehicle cover will go a long way to shielding the transport from harsh weather conditions. Next, an oil change is in order. Synthetic is recommended due to its superior viscosity during colder temperatures. The filter should also be swapped out for a new one. Then, you should ensure that all of the glass - including the exterior mirrors - is cleaned. Aside from scraping, you can add a de-icing fluid to the windshield liquid tank. This will help prevent the buildup of frost. Another thing you need to do is inspect your tires. An all-season set should be okay to ride on, but you need to make sure the tread is good and the air pressure is within the appropriate range. Under inflation tends to occur at low temperatures. The last things should do is to top off the antifreeze, clean the fuel injectors, check on the radiator cap/thermostat, test the lights, and build an emergency kit. Need to buy an oil filter or car cover? Contact Ford Parts BC to find exactly what you need!