How to Save Battery Consumption in the Winter Season in Calgary?

Nov 24,2022

The winter season significantly impacts how efficiently an electric vehicle operates. While some consumers report close to a 40% reduction in their vehicle's operating range during the winter, when the snow starts to fall, you can get a few extra miles out of your EV if you stick to these suggestions. Keep the battery warm. It takes longer for the battery to warm up in the winter so it’s recommended to park the vehicle in a garage or carport at night. Heat the seats Turn down the cabin heater and use the heated seats and steering wheel instead when driving. This helps to preserve the battery and uses less electricity. Use winter tires Winter tires will help to keep your car safe on the road and make it easier to navigate slippery icy roads. This may also aid in preserving the battery's range. Employ Eco Mode While every electric vehicle has a unique eco mode, they all work toward the same goal: increasing mileage while using less energy by limiting the energy supply to the drive engine and cabin heaters. In chilly conditions, this can help enhance battery efficiency. Driving your electric vehicle at a slower speed will help the battery retain more energy while keeping you safer on icy and dangerous roads. For more details on how to preserve your electric vehicles battery consumption, contact us at Skaha Ford. We provide a variety of options on Electric Vehicles that are a perfect fit for any budget.