Keep Racing After Skaha Ford’s Track Day at Area 27 in BC

May 25,2022

Skaha Ford's Track Day is sure to ignite a yearning for the course. That's why Area 27 offers many types of high-speed experiences which members can enjoy in BC. Speed demons can also enjoy the Conti Cup GTU Series, where cars with less than 250 horsepower take to the track. Due to the minimal modifications rules in place, drivers are assured of a more competitive race at lower costs. Then there's the Radical SR3 Championship Series, which is an open cockpit race experience. These cars have a low-maintenance chassis and power train, yet they can still achieve thrilling speeds. Finally, there's the RS1 Track Car race, in which the cars crank out up to 450 horsepower via a 4-speed transmission. Members can take advantage of these fuelled, tuned, and ready-to-drive vehicles for the ultimate high-speed experience. To learn more or join the Track Day event, contact Skaha Ford at [email protected]—but hurry; only limited spots are available!