Kelowna: Understand The Importance Of Choosing Winter Tires

May 25,2022

The numbers prove troubling - with Consumer Reports noting that approximately half of Canadian drivers believe their all-season tires will suffice for winter. There is no need, they claim, to make a change. It's too great a hassle with too little a reward. Our Service Department disagrees. The value of winter tires has been (repeatedly) proven, with their seasonal-specific designs affording them improved grippage in sleet, snow, and slush; and, when comparing responses between vehicles properly equipped with these options and those that weren't, Consumer Reports found a clear increase in traction performance.   Non-AWD/4WD Models (Cars) Good Driving Rating With Winter Tires: 68% Without Winter Tires: 46% Non-AWD/4WD Models (SUVs) Good Driving Rating With Winter Tires: 70% Without Winter Tires: 61% Utilizing winter tires allows drivers to more effectively navigate the season - and that is why visiting our Service Department is essential. Let our team equip your ride with the OEM options it deserves. We will connect you to high-quality brands that have been engineered to withstand Kelowna's brutal weather, and this will assure superior traction in the snow. Schedule an appointment with our team today.