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We’ve been crowing about all the excellence the all-new 2021 F-150 brings to the table for drivers in Penticton and throughout B.C.—and we’re not quite done yet. The truck, revealed this past week by Ford and actor Denis Leary, is set to shake up the automotive space with a focus on both performance and functionality.

This new truck is packed with a 3.5-liter PowerBoost V6 engine that’s a full hybrid system generating the most torque and horsepower ever seen in a light-duty full-size pickup. As a result, you’re also going to benefit from a maximum towing number of 12,000 pounds. Further, there’s an EPA-estimated range of approximately 700 miles.


On the exterior, available LED headlamps and taillamps light the way. Also available are full-length extended power running boards complete with a kick switch for enhanced accessibility. On the interior, an available new 12-inch digital gauge cluster puts all your vehicle’s information up-close and at-a-glance, with improved graphics and animations.

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We’ve been discussing the debut of the all-new F-150 this week, waxing poetic about the advancements the truck brings when it comes to power and productivity. However, there is also a spate of exterior and interior additions and changes that elevate the design of this machine even further.

The all-new F-150 is set to dazzle in Penticton thanks to the new exterior changes, including fresh tailgate appliqués. More notably, there are now 11 grille options—yes, eleven!—available across the series lineup, affording owners a higher level of customization and dynamism than previously seen in the lineup.


Things really kick into high gear within the interior of the all-new F-150. On the XLT series and above, there’s now a 12-inch center screen—the largest-ever for an F-150. This display enables owners to split the screen and access/control multiple functions at the same time, ranging from navigation to music to additional features. Multi-tasking has finally arrived!

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This past week, Ford debuted their all-new, reimagined F-150 in a special event hosted by actor Denis Leary. The truck comes with a supremely powerful 3.5-liter PowerBoost full hybrid V6 engine that we detailed in our previous blog post here. But the new pick-up isn’t just powerful—it’s made for productivity.

The all-new F-150 comes with an available Tailgate Work Surface at the rear of the machine that boosts productivity, as does the available Interior Work Surface, the latter of which makes operating a computer or even eating a quick meal on-the-go much easier. The available Pro Power Onboard™ enables drivers to leave their generator at home, as there is enough built-in boost to power 28 average-sized refrigerators—or an entire job site, in other words.


Need to take a break in-between all that work? The new F-150 comes with Max Recline Seats that move back nearly 180 degrees, enabling owners to take a much-needed nap when they experience downtime. Also, the connectivity of SYNC® 4 provides for future over-the-air updates that will further enhance productivity.

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Ford’s all-new F150 is built expressly to be the toughest, most powerful truck in the venerable series ever. And when you look at the stats, it becomes clear that the Big Blue Oval over-delivered on making that goal a reality.

The all-new F-150 comes with a fresh 3.5-liter PowerBoost full hybrid V6 powertrain that is set to deliver the most HP and torque yet seen in a light-duty full-size pickup. Available on every trim from the XL to the Limited, the full hybrid system adds instant electric torque to the six-cylinder EcoBoost engine, resulting in an EPA-estimated range of approximately 700 miles. Drivers will also get to tap into 12,000 pounds of available maximum towing.


The new F-150’s 10-speed SelectShift® automatic transmission is mated to a 35-kilowatt (47-horsepower) electric motor that, in tandem with special software, includes drive modes such as tow-haul. The system also offers regenerative braking energy to charge the 1.5-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery. This battery is stowed underneath the truck, keeping the F-150 as spacious for passengers/cargo as previous iterations.

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This week, Ford Motor Company announced their intention to move toward complete carbon neutrality on a global level by 2050. The announcement comes as part of their 21st-annual Sustainability Report.

Ford now stands as the only United States-based full-line automaker committed to working with California for enhanced vehicle greenhouse gas standards and dedicated to cutting CO2 emissions in concert with the Paris Climate Agreement. 


Carbon neutrality means the achievement of zero carbon emissions via balancing emissions with carbon removal. The Big Blue Oval Brand plans on hitting that goalthrough focusing on three primary areas that account for 95-percent of emissions—company facilities, vehicle use, and the supply base. 

Thus far, Ford has already routed more than $11.5 billion toward electric vehicle investment from now through 2022, as evidenced by the upcoming Mustang Mach-E, fully electric F-150, and Transit Commercial vehicles. The company is also now on track to power 
their entire array of plants with 100-percent locally-sourced renewable energy by 2035.

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Mustang Mach 1 Gears Up to Deliver Supreme Handling to Penticton Drivers

(Posted on Jun 21, 2020 at 10:45PM by Billy Kirk)
ford mustang mach 1 in pentictonIf you’ve enjoyed our previous post here, you already know the incredible Mustang Mach 1 is barreling toward Penticton in the spring of 2021 after 17 years and comes packed with a V8 that pushes out 480 HP. But there’s so much more to love about this machine.

Let’s talk about handling. The Mustang Mach 1 is endowed with a handling package that comes with the Tremec™ 3160 6-speed manual transmission for incredibly enjoyable on-road experiences (this fastback coupe also offers the option of a 10-speed automatic). The stick shift setup, however, also comes with new front wheel lip moldings, rear tire spats from the Shelby GT500, a low-gloss magnetic swing spoiler, and a higher downforce front splitter. Fantastic, right?

Of course, it won’t just feel good to drive the Mach 1—you’ll be looking good, too. The pony car comes with a refreshed front fascia and grilles that also deliver enhanced aerodynamics and cooling. Plus, the side-body stripes and hood sport reflective surfaces, and black accents are abundant.

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Penticton Anticipates the Return of the Mustang Mach 1

(Posted on Jun 21, 2020 at 10:11PM by Billy Kirk)
Ford’s put Penticton, BC, and the rest of Canada on notice—great things lie ahead, and perhaps none are greater than the long-anticipated return of the Mustang Mach 1.

The limited-edition Mustang Mach 1 will return to Canadian and U.S. Ford dealerships in the spring of 2021 after a 17-year hiatus—and trust us when we say this pony car is not playing around.


At its world premiere this past week, the Big Blue Oval brand revealed the enormous power of this dynamic new vehicle. The 2021 Mach 1 fastback coupe is set to arrive with a 5.0-liter V8 with serious track-ready performance. The engine will produce a stunning 480 horsepower at 7,000 rpm and 420 lb.-ft. of torque at 4,600 rpm. Also, the original model’s aggressive aerodynamic and handling enhancements will be well-represented and in no short supply.

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Ford Co-Pilot360 Adds Hands-Free Driving and More For Penticton Drivers

(Posted on Jun 21, 2020 at 09:43PM by Billy Kirk)
Driver assistance? Why, Ford has you covered—and then some.

The Big Blue Oval brand’s Co-Pilot360™ technology was already a game-changer on the roads of Penticton and the rest of BC, but good just got better. The wide-sweeping collection of driver-assist features just became even broader, with advancements that will improve your quality of life on highways and byways.

Available Active Drive Assist now comes with an advanced driver-facing camera, enabling the tracking of head position and driver eye gaze while wearing sunglasses. The feature evolves Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control with Lane Centering, providing a new hands-free mode that can be updated in the future. This mode enables drivers to remove their hands from the wheel altogether on certain pre-mapped highways, provided they continue to gaze at the road ahead.


Also of note is the addition of the Ford Co-Pilot360™ Active 2.0 Prep Package, which will first become available on the Mustang Mach-E. This includes radar and camera hardware that enables the flexibility to purchase Active Drive Assist as an over-the-air software update at a later date, should the owner choose.

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2021 Mustang Mach-E to Include Upgradeable Intelligent Range For Penticton Drivers

(Posted on Jun 21, 2020 at 09:10PM by Billy Kirk)
The upcoming 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E is an electric SUV that’s set to take the guesswork out of range calculations, conquering driver anxiety and elevating this class of vehicles to all-new heights. 

Understanding and planning for driving range will never be easier than with the Mustang Mach-E, which can be reserved ahead of its early 2021 release date. The machine’s Intelligent Range feature brings a host of benefits, including the ability to more accurately predict available range by using current weather forecasts, past driving behavior, and crowdsourced data from other Mach-E machines. Further, a future over-the-air update will allow for even better predictions, including factoring in terrain, route elevation, real-time traffic, and more.


It’s important to note that if the driver ever does run out of electric charge in the Mach-E, Ford’s Roadside Assistance program will tow the vehicle to the nearest public charger, their home, or the closest dealership within 35 miles.

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It’s almost here. The 2021 Ford F-150 is set to debut this upcoming week, and it brings with it an all-new design that focuses on enhancing the interior of the mighty, venerable truck line.

Scheduled for June 25 on a conference call with Citi Research and hosted by Citi’s own Itay Michaeli, the global reveal will include Ford’s team as they detail what to expect from the latest F-150. The Big Blue Oval brand explains that the refreshed truck will help owners worldwide “get the job done” in new and exciting ways. 


Notably, it’s already been confirmed that the 2021 F-150 will boast a new electrical architecture that enables regular over-the-air updates that will serve to boost user driving experiences and vehicle performance. Commercial customers can also expect fleet-management solutions.

The F-Series lineup has been American’s best-selling for the past 43 straight years. If you’re interested in learning more about the redesigned F-150, tune in to at 10 a.m. EDT to listen in to the call or contact us to learn more.