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Latest Ford News In Penticton BC

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2020 ford mustang for sale penticton bcThere is a calendar in the Skaha Ford showroom. On it - circled in red, underlined and punctuated with exclamation points - is the date of August 10th, when our team will journey to Area 27 and experience high-speed fun. Our Track Day Event is coming… and we’re counting down each second.

We’re also hoping you will join us.

A few spots remain available on our Track Day roster -  and we urge customers to participate in the event. Those selected will be able to take advantage of the Area 27 experience, gaining access to a world-class circuit and learning pedal-to-the-metal moves from professional racers. They’ll also join us for a luncheon at the facility, getting to spend time with our staff. Summer fun is guaranteed.

Want to earn a place on our Track Day team? Contact us to learn more about this event - or stop by our showroom before August 10th. We’ll happily provide you with a full list of planned activities and add you to the roster.

Only a few days remain before this high-speed event begins - and then we (along with our customers) will conquer Area 27. Will you be there with us?