Locate Charging Stations for Your EV with FordPass App

August 31,2022

With the recent announcement of the FordPass EV, electric vehicle technology is one of the hottest technological trends on the market. Ford is now introducing a new feature that helps drivers navigate the charging process. The feature allows drivers to select from a list of locations where they can stop for a recharge. The app will then provide details about each location, including how many charging stations are available and what type of charger is at each one. The driver can then select the location that matches their needs, such as how long it would take to charge or whether or not there is an indoor spot available for use. Once the driver has selected a location, they will be able to see how much time it will take before they are ready to go again, which can help them decide if they need another charge before heading home or if they can continue without stopping again soon enough. The system automatically updates the latest data so that customers can find the nearest charging station to their location. They can also make reservations at charging stations through the app and view real-time pricing information and availability. While it still has some kinks to work out with charging station stops and directions, being able to locate local stations is a great start of this electric vehicle technology. We would recommend FordPass app to anyone who already owns-or is thinking about buying-a new Ford vehicle. Connect with Skaha Ford experts to learn more about the unique features of FordPass app.