Maintain the Exterior Lights on Your Ford Vehicle in BC

May 25,2022

Keeping the exterior lighting system in pristine shape will keep you safe on the roads of BC. If your lamps have recently burnt out or been broken in an accident, you can replace them without too much trouble. To inspect the headlights, you need to ensure that the car, truck, van, or SUV is on a level surface facing a plan wall. Turn on the lights and mark where each beam hits with a piece of tape. The strips should be 2-ft long. Place one horizontally and the other vertically. Next, back the vehicle up 25-ft with the lights still on. If the bulbs are centred correctly, the most intense part of the beam will be in the centre of the horizontal piece of tape. If you notice that the bulbs are dim, you should replace them as well. For clouded lenses, this may be an indication that the UV protective film is going bad. Foggy or yellowish colouring can lead to your lights not emitting a bright enough beam for proper visibility. Restoration kits are available to fix this issue on your own. You can also replace the entire casing if necessary. Need to order exterior lighting accessories? Contact Ford Parts BC to get started!