Maintain Your Braking System with Ford Service in Oliver

Jun 7,2022

Your Ford is equipped with a host of safety features to keep you well-protected on BC's roads, including your braking system. Your brakes are one of the most critical components of your car or truck – without them, you wouldn't be able to stop. As such, it's essential to keep up with regular brake inspections and maintenance to ensure their proper function and longevity. Here are five tips from our Technicians at Skaha Ford to help you extend the life of your brake parts: Don't slam on your brakes Slamming on the brakes puts unnecessary stress on your braking system, causing increased wear on pad friction material. Consider adjusting your speed or coasting to a stop when possible. Don't brake with your left foot Two-footed driving is dangerous and can cause excess wear on brake parts, especially when a driver steps on the accelerator and brake pedal simultaneously. Avoid unnecessary braking Also known as brake-tapping or riding the brakes, this bad habit wears down friction material and can be a hazard to vehicles following behind. Flush brake fluid regularly Your Ford's Owner Guide outlines the recommended intervals for brake fluid flushes. Keeping up with this necessary maintenance item will ensure that your braking system functions properly and keeps the components clean and well-lubricated. Opt for quality brake parts Original Equipment brake parts are designed for the correct fit and deliver better quality, longevity and performance than aftermarket parts. To learn more about your Ford's braking system and maintenance requirements, contact our Service Department at Skaha Ford in BC to arrange an appointment.