Maintenance Tips to Preserve Your Vehicle’s Ignition in BC

May 25,2022

If you own a Ford vehicle that does not have push-button start technology, then you are using a key inside the ignition. While it is something you may not even think about, maintaining this piece of equipment is important to prevent damage over time.

The ignition housing unit is designed to intake a key. While it is sturdy and well-built, too much weight pulling down on the ignition slot can cause a malfunction later on. This is why it is recommended to lighten your keychain.

While it can be fun to add on personalized decorations and a dozen other keys, the excessive weight combined with the bouncing motion of driving can wear down the tumblers inside the ignition component. This will lead to a switch failure, which will result in the piece needing to be replaced entirely.

To preserve the life of your ignition switch, you can keep your car key separate from your others. One easy way to do this is to get a key ring clip with only your vehicle key on it. This will enable you to detach it from the conglomerate of keys when you get ready to leave. You can easily reattach it when you arrive at your destination to keep every metal piece together.

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