Medium-Duty Truck Battery Maintenance in Vernon

May 25,2022

Batteries play a critical role in providing a safe, reliable and efficient experience for medium-duty truck operators. Not only do they power the starting system, but batteries also supply energy to all electrical components. Following a solid preventive maintenance program is one of the best ways to identify problems before they lead to no-start situations or battery-related breakdowns. This winter, allow our Ford medium-duty truck experts to keep your F-450, F-550, F-650 or F-750 in peak operating condition. Here are seven cold-weather battery tips for fleet managers to consider:   1. Stay protected: Park trucks in an enclosed area away from the wind, which rapidly draws heat by convection. 2. Keep warm: Use a block heater to keep the engine warm and reduce the starter's workload. 3. Check connections: Keep terminal connections clean and tight to minimize electrical resistance. 4. Disconnect extra loads: When leaving the engine off for a lengthy period, disconnect any electrical devices that draw power from the battery. 5. Stay charged: Always keep the battery in a fully charged state to maximize its longevity. 6. Replace ageing batteries: Replace batteries when they cannot hold a charge or are causing no-start situations.   7. Get tested: Detect problems before they happen by having your batteries tested and inspected regularly. Don't let battery issues hamper your commercial fleet. Bring your medium-duty trucks to Skaha Ford in BC for regular inspections and replacements. Call us to book your appointment today.