Medium-Duty Truck Electrical Services in Hedley

June 7,2022

Don't let a dead battery, misfiring starter or failing alternator ground your BC commercial fleet. At Skaha Ford, our factory-trained Red Seal-certified Technicians can give your medium-duty trucks the expert treatment they need to keep them operating well on Hedley roads. Our electrical repair and maintenance services include: Batteries and Cables Whether it's time for a replacement battery or the cables and connections have failed or corroded, our team can inspect and replace these components on your medium-duty truck.  Breakers and Fuses Fuses and circuit breakers are designed to protect circuits in an overload. Regular inspections and replacements can ensure the lasting performance of your medium-duty truck's electrical systems. Lights Commercial fleets operate in low-light conditions and at night. Our factory-trained Red Seal-certified Technicians will test and inspect your lighting system for optimal performance to ensure your crew's productivity and safety. Spark Plugs Spark plugs channel the electrical current to ignite the air and fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. Over time, these parts wear out and require replacement, which is why regular inspections are essential. Starters and Alternators A starter converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, and the alternator charges your medium-duty truck's battery. Preventative maintenance minimizes downtime and avoids being stranded on the job site. Wiring and Switches Faulty wiring and switches are enough to ground any commercial fleet. Bolster your uptime with regular electrical inspections to identify fault connections before they arise. To learn more about our electrical repair and maintenance services for your medium-duty truck, contact Skaha Ford in Penticton to speak with an advisor.