Medium-Duty Truck Service in Penticton

May 25,2022

Medium-duty trucks work hard for your fleet. Whether hauling, towing, lifting, disposing or maintaining infrastructure, they have unique maintenance needs compared to other commercial vehicles. This winter, give your rigs the attention they deserve by having your F-450s, F-550s or F-650s serviced at Skaha Ford in BC. Medium-duty trucks face harsh conditions every day. These vehicles spend most of their time idling and drinking up to two litres of fuel every hour. Frequent idling is why fleet managers need to track hours in addition to mileage. This ensures optimal service timing for medium-duty trucks. Take an aerial bucket truck for an arborist as an example. It may only travel a few kilometres from the shop to its destination – but when it arrives, the engine will run for the next eight hours while stationary. After several weeks of this gruelling routine, the odometer isn't a reliable indicator of the truck's service needs. By tracking hours, fleets have more accurate insight into the wear-and-tear of a vehicle's components and create a preventative maintenance plan to ensure optimal operation at all times. To book your F-450, F-550, F-650 in for service, contact Skaha Ford in BC to schedule an appointment.