Meet the FordPass Feature That Lets You Unlock Your EVs with a Voice Command

September 1,2022

Ford has always been a step ahead of the competition regarding new technology, especially electric vehicles. It has been a little slow to get there, but now that they are up to speed, they are driving things forward and setting very high benchmarks. Its FordPass app also has a voice command feature that lets you lock and unlock your vehicle or start charging it. Voice command is one of the most convenient FordPass feature, allowing you to control your vehicle from your smartphone. You can control your vehicle's functions without looking at any screens. This feature is available on all new Ford models and can be used to do things like: • Turn on/off the climate control • Lock/unlock doors • Start/stop charging session • Open or close windows However, there are some limitations on what you can do with this feature, which may not work with every voice command. Nevertheless, it is an interesting step forward for the automotive industry, and it seems possible that others will follow suit. With voice command capabilities, it adds another convenient tool for electric vehicle owners. If you want to try out the new FordPass features, contact the experts at Skaha Ford today. We are confident that you will endorse this incredible feature and love to have it with you while driving.