Monitor the Charge of Your EV with Ford’s New Feature

September 2,2022

Monitor the Charge of Your EV with Ford's New FeatureMonitor the Charge of Your EV with Ford's New FeatureFord is now offering a few innovations for electric vehicles, with the introduction of its new vehicles, said to be next level in their categories. The debut of these vehicles, bringing together performance and comfort with innovative technology and an ultra-quiet ride, comes at a time when Ford is rolling out key EV models across its product portfolio. The FordPass app now includes a Monitor Charge feature that lets you check the state of charge of your vehicle. This feature can be used on all models equipped with wireless charging. The Monitor Charge feature can be accessed through the FordPass app. To get started, open up your smartphone's app store and search for FordPass. Download and install the application on your phone. Once you have done this, log in to your account using your email address and password. This feature is designed to help you better understand your EV driving habits and how your vehicle is performing. This feature allows you to track when your vehicle was last charged, how much energy was consumed, and how much range you have available. The Monitor Charge feature also displays the charging station location on a map and shows you which ports are available for charging. If you are interested in learning about this amazing feature, contact Skaha Ford.