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Explore the Most Popular OEM Parts for Ford Vehicles in BC

Whether you are performing routine maintenance at home or adding new OEM accessories to the exterior, you can find all of the most popular pieces at Ford Parts BC. From various filters and windshield wipers to car covers and sunshades, all of these elements are designed to fit specific models. the online shop makes it easy to find precisely what you are looking for, and it will be delivered to your doorstep in a timely manner.

<a href="https://www.fordpartsbc.ca/oem-parts/ford-engine-oil-filter-fl910s?c=bD0zJm49RHluYW1pYyBTRU8gUGFnZQ%3D%3D"><img src="https://skahaford.com/images/upload/February_2022/Banners/Ford_Parts_BC/OIlFilter.png"alt="Oil filter for Ford vehicles”/></a>


Oil filters are some of the most popular replacements in the auto industry. Since most modern vehicles need an oil change every 5,000 miles, this is normal to swap out. However, you can also find other types of filters at Ford Parts BC including cabin and engine air filters. These aren’t switched out as often, but they should be checked regularly to ensure they are performing their job correctly.

<a href="https://www.fordpartsbc.ca/oem-parts/ford-blade-assembly-wiper-ww135?c=bD0xMSZuPUR5bmFtaWMgU0VPIFBhZ2U%3D"><img src="https://skahaford.com/images/upload/February_2022/Banners/Ford_Parts_BC/WindshieldWiper.png"alt="Windshield wipers for Ford vehicles”/></a>

Windshield Wipers

While most regions suggest that windshield wipers be replaced once a year, BC drivers may want to switch them out every six months. This is mainly due to the cold climate and inclement weather conditions. Excessive use and exposure to the elements will cause the rubber parts of the wiper blades to wear down quickly. This will make them less efficient at their job. So, they are a popular piece to change out.

<a href="https://www.fordpartsbc.ca/oem-parts/ford-full-vehicle-cover-vej7z19a412a?c=bD02Jm49RHluYW1pYyBTRU8gUGFnZQ%3D%3D"><img src="https://skahaford.com/images/upload/February_2022/Banners/Ford_Parts_BC/CarCover.png"alt="Car cover for Ford vehicles”/></a>

Vehicle Covers

If you do not have access to a garage or carport, then you should consider investing in a vehicle cover. Ford Parts BC carries these for every model so that they each fit perfectly. If you get an aftermarket cover, it may not be sure or tight enough. On the flip side, it might be too tight. By purchasing from this OEM parts dealer, you will get one that was made for Ford.

<a href="https://www.fordpartsbc.ca/oem-parts/ford-sunshade-ah6z54519a02aa?c=bD05Jm49RHluYW1pYyBTRU8gUGFnZQ%3D%3D"><img src="https://skahaford.com/images/upload/February_2022/Banners/Ford_Parts_BC/Sunshade.png"alt="Sun shade for Ford vehicles”/></a>


A great way to protect the interior of your vehicle and keep the cabin cooler in the summer is to buy a sunshade. These rest on the dashboard with the sun visors holding them in place. They block out UV rays which prevents the car from getting too hot and guards against the premature aging of the steering wheels and surfaces.

<a href="https://www.fordpartsbc.ca/oem-parts/ford-cargo-organizer-9a5z78115a00aa?c=bD0zJm49RHluYW1pYyBTRU8gUGFnZQ%3D%3D"><img src="https://skahaford.com/images/upload/February_2022/Banners/Ford_Parts_BC/CargoCompartment.png"alt="Cargo compartment organizer for Ford vehicles”/></a>

Cargo Compartments

If you would like to organize the trunk space or cargo area of your Ford, then you should get a collapsible cargo compartment, net, or tray. These are made to hold loose items in place so that they don’t fly around the back of the vehicle during the drive. SUVs tend to benefit the most from this type of accessory. Keep in mind that a protective liner crafted from rubber can also be added to prevent spills and stains.

Find OEM Ford Parts in BC

Are you ready to buy some new pieces for your vehicle? Get in touch with the team of experts at Ford Parts BC to begin your online order now!

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