Muffler and Exhaust Repairs for Medium-Duty Trucks in Westbank

June 7,2022

Your diesel truck is the backbone of your business, and it requires regular inspections, maintenance and repairs to keep it functioning at its best. This includes ensuring your medium-duty truck's diesel particulate filter is regularly serviced to avoid costly breakdowns and long periods of downtime. At Skaha Ford in BC, we are the diesel service experts that your commercial fleet can trust. Like other filters on your truck, the diesel particulate filter plays an essential role in removing excess soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine. When this component is not cared for, particulate will collect in the exhaust stream of the filter, which restricts system flow and creates backpressure. When this occurs, engine damage is likely. The diesel particulate filter can also become clogged, cracked or melted, creating low vehicle power, poor fuel economy and excessive coolant usage. Schedule your medium-duty truck for a muffler and exhaust inspection if you notice any of these symptoms. Our team of factory-trained Technicians with Red Seal certifications have the skills and equipment required to keep your diesel rigs in excellent shape. Contact us at Skaha Ford with your questions, or click here to schedule an appointment.