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<a href=""><img src=""alt="Timing belt for select Ford Escort, Focus, and Escape models”/></a>Vital to the safe operation of the engine’s valves, the timing belt proves a key performance component - which must be maintained with care.

Made of rubber, this band allows air and gas to move in and out of the motor via the camshaft. Meanwhile, the crankshaft puts the pistons in motion, and the two systems function in perfect harmony. Therefore, maintaining the appropriate pace is crucial.

Most vehicles can keep the same timing belt for around 160,934 km (100,000 miles). However, older models may need a replacement at 95,560 km (60,000 miles).

There are a few indicators that your timing belt is ready to be switched out. Slippage and misfiring can occur, but failure is typically sudden and surprising. You will know if it happens because the engine will immediately lose power and stop running - leaving you stranded on the highway.

Belt and hoses may seem like minor pieces to the puzzle, but they can cause major damage if they are properly not maintained. Contact Ford Parts BC today to learn more about how to identify when a replacement or repair is needed. 

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