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<a href=""><img src=""alt="Valve cover for various Ford engines”/></a>The heart of every vehicle on the road is its engine. Responsible for transforming fuel into energy to move the automobile and provide power to all of the functioning mechanics, the motor is made up of several intricate parts. All of these need to be working in unison to complete the task at hand.

The main components include the block, head, valves, cams, crank, rods, pistons, intake/exhaust systems, and ignition.

First, the block is a large chunk of metal found on the centre section of the engine bay. It has circular holes (cylinder bores) for the piston to move through and several wires and tubes are attached here as well. The head - which is usually crafted from aluminum - is also located here. It houses spark plugs, valves, springs, camshafts, and retainers.

Next, the valves are pieces of the intake and exhaust systems. They look like golf tees, and they serve as doorways for inching fuel/air and outgoing gases. Then, there is the crank. Its job is to move the pistons up and down.

These pistons are secured to a connecting rod that links them to the crankshaft. Finally, the ignition is an electronic component that causes the air/fuel mixture inside the engine to combust.

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